产品名称:Medium Gas Regulator For Welding (GH-851)
Gas Regulator
2.Max Inlet Pressure: 30/250 bar
3.Working Pressure: 0.1~10.0 bar

Medium Gas Regulator For Welding (GH-851)




a. GH-851 is a medium regulator suitable for various welding and cutting industry.


b. Twin gauges provide explicate display of both cylinder pressure and working pressure.


c. Body and housing cap forged from class A brass bar ensures maximum strength,serviceability and safety.


d. Snap-on frot cover made of high grade PC enhances firmness of gauge against damage.


e. Inlet is protected by a sintered bronze filter.


g. GH-851 is a special design for overseas user.





        Model     Applied Gas 


   Max Inlet Pressure  


    Working Pressure 


   GH-851X-10       Oxygen          30             250          3.0~10.0
   GH-851Y-1.0       Acetylene           5              30          0.1~1.0
   GH-851P-2.5      Propane          10              30          0.1~2.5
   GH-851N-10      Nitrogen          30             250          3.0~10.0
   GH-851H-10      Hydrogen          30             250          3.0~10.0


The Inlet or Outlet Thread can be adjusted according to the customers' requirements.




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