产品名称:CO2 & Argon Double Stage Flow Regulator GH-192
Double Stage Regulator
1.Applied Gas:Argon & CO2
2.Flow:0~30 L/min
3.Max Inlet Pressure:250 bar
4.Working Pressure:3.5 bar

Double Stage Flow Regulator GH-192




a. GH-192 is a double-stage regulator suitable for those who has special demand for pressure stability in manufactory,

     construction and installation industry and labrotary use.


b. Body,housing cap and flow-meter forged from class A brass bar ensures maximum strength,serviceability and safety.


c. GH-192 introduces double-stage design to ensure outlet pressure and flow rate stability.


d. Preset outlet pressure for first stage is 3.5 bar.


e. Second stage is for flow rate control.It can achieve precise control over flow rate between 0~30L/min.


f. Flow-meter employs shatter proof PC tube.It can be observed from all direction and won't crack under sudden crash.


g. Internal relief valve embodies a compact design.


h. Inlet is protected by a sintered bronze filter.





   Model    Applied Gas 

     Max Inlet Pressure


    Working Pressure 


  GH-192   Argon & CO2              250             3.5         0~30




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