产品名称:CO2 & Argon Regulator With Flowmeter GH-6600
Regulator With Flowmeter
1.Applied Gas: Argon
2.Flow: 0~25 L/min
3.Max Inlet Pressure: 250 bar
4.Working Pressure: 3.5 bar

CO2 & Argon Flow-meter Regulator GH-6600 




a. GH-6600 is a regulator with flow-meter for special application in TIG & MIG welding.It is suitable for manufactory, construction and  installation industry.


b.Body, housing cap and flow-meter forged from class A brass bar ensures maximum strength, serviceability and safety. 


c. Preset outlet pressure or regulator is 3.5 bar. WR1501 introduces a compact design with flow-meter integrated with

     regulator. The compact design makes it easy to handle. 


d. Flow-meter can provide precise reading of outlet folw rate under pressure at 3.5 bar. It can achieve precise control over flow rate between 0~25 L/min.


e.GH-6600 is suitable for gases such as Ar, CO2, and mixed gas.


f. External relief valve ensures safety in use.


g. Inlet is protected by a sintered filter.





        Model            Gas       Flow(L/min) 

   Max Inlet Pressure


   Working Pressure



  Argon         0~25






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