TIG Tips
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Summary:TIG Tips

1. Gas Lens Benefits

Optimize shielding gas coverage by using an appropriate size gas lens. Gas lenses help minimize rework and allow for greater tungsten extension, which increases access into confined joints.


2. Cleaning Contaminated Tungsten

When cleaning contaminated tungsten, DO NOT break off the end of the tungsten. Breaking the tungsten can cause splinter fractures, resulting in an erratic arc. Use a cutoff wheel or the edge of a grinding wheel.


3. Low-Amperage Arc Starts

Achieve excellent arc starts on low-amperage AC or DC applications by using a 2% ceriated tungsten especially on carbon and stainless steels.


4. Preventing High Frequency Interference

Prevent high frequency interference by keeping torch and work cables as short as possible and closely bundled. Remember to ground your power source according to the installation instructions provided in the operator’s manual.


5. Tungsten Preparation

Note: Do not use wheel for other jobs or tungsten can become contaminated and cause lower weld quality. Use pointed tungsten when welding AC or DC with most inverters.


6. Improving Arc Starts

Improve your TIG arc starts by using the shortest torch tip to work distance for the job. Don’t forget to keep your torch cables properly grounded and as short as possible.


7. Improve Weld Quality with Maintenance

Maintaining good electrical contact between your tungsten and collet helps improve current transfer and weld quality. Keep your TIG torch components tightened and check regularly for worn parts.


8. Maximize Shielding Gas Coverage

Maximize your shielding gas coverage by extending your tungsten no further than the inside diameter of the cup. If your cup is a size 6 (3/8-inch ID), then your tungsten should not extend beyond 3/8 inch.


9. Avoiding Porosity

Avoid porosity by maintaining tight torch fittings and cable connections, using higher gas flow rates, shielding the welding area from wind, and cleaning your base metals.


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