产品名称:Gas High Pressure Regulator (GH-853)
High Pressure Regulator
1.Medium to heavy regulator.
2.Suit for various welding & cutting use.
3.Body forged from brass bar.

Gas High Pressure Regulator   (GH-853)




a. GH-853 is a medium/heavy-duty regulator suitable for various welding and cutting industry and laboratory use.


b. Body and housing cap forged from class A brass bar.


c. Large internal engineering ensures high gas flow and pressure stability.


d. Snap-on frot cover made of high grade PC enhances firmness of gauge against damage.


e. Twin gauges provide explicate display of both cylinder pressure and working pressure.


g. Gauge with dual scales of psi,kg/cm2 suits a large scope of applications.





        Model     Applied Gas 


   Max Inlet Pressure  


    Working Pressure 


   GH-853X-10        Oxygen           55             250          3.0~10.0
   GH-853Y-1.0        Acetylene           10              30           0.1~1.0
   GH-853P-2.5       Propane           30              30           0.1~2.5
   GH-853N-10       Nitrogen           30             250          3.0~10.0


The Inlet or Outlet Thread can be adjusted according to the customers' requirements.





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